Power Stroking and Edge Class

All ages and levels, must be proficient in basic crossovers and edges. Increase power, endurance, flow, presentation and edge work.  These exercises will enhance program component scores, moves in the field, and overall skating quality.

      For all ages and levels:

       Tuesday 5:55pm - 6:40 pm - The Skating Edge Ice Arena

* This is an open class, drop ins are welcome
* Payment is made to The Skating Edge Box Office


Alexander (aka Sasha) has over 35 years of experience in figure skating as an Olympic and World competitor, professional principal show skater and coach of skaters at all levels.   He is experienced in the ISU International Judging System (IJS), to help skaters obtain the maximum levels and points needed in their competition programs.  He works with skaters from basic skills to elite levels, youth and adult.   Alexander will develop all aspects of the skaters training.  He enjoys specializing in jump technique. With Alexander's skating he has traveled all over the world and worked with different cultures. This experience has taught him to adapt quickly to any situation and to be a better communicator.   Alexander has a Master's Degree in Sport Science and is a PSA Master Rated Freeskating Coach. 

Alexander Murashko | Los Angeles 

T: +1 310 728 5478



Master of Science Degree, Sport Science

Belarussian State University of Physical Culture


Professional Skaters Association - Master Rated Freeskating Coach

US Figure Skating Category A Credentialed Coach


1994 Olympic Games Finalist, Lillehamer, Norway

1993-1997 World Championships Finalist


Fluent in Russian and English



Alexander Murashko


Private Instruction

For all ages and levels

Jump Technique

Spin Technique

Moves In The Field, Edges, Stroking

 Services Offered

Dartfish Video Analysis

Improve Jump and Spin biomechanics

Side by Side analysis

15-60 Frames per second

Fishing Pole Harness

Allows the coach to skate with the student on the curve of the jump. 

Guides the skater, eases the fall associated with learning new jumps


Pully System Harness

The skater is harnessed on a pully cable.  The coach has a greater ability to hold the skater.


Music Editing




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Off Ice Strength and Conditioning Class

Improve power, agility, strength and muscle endurance.  Many of the exercises are skating specific to enhance jump performance.  Various plyometric exercises will improve explosive power for jump height. 

Ages 9 and above:   
       Wednesday 5:00pm - 6:00pm - The Skating Edge Ice Arena
       Saturday 2:00pm - 3:00pm - The Skating Edge Ice Arena


Ages 8 and below: 
       Friday 5:10pm - 6:10pm - The Skating Edge Ice Arena      


* Off Ice class size is limited, instructor permission required.   
* These classes are scheduled by reservations only.
* Payment is made directly to the instructor

Group Instruction

For any of the following areas:



Edges, Stroking


*Contact Alexander for pricing and availability

Current Group Classes:


Figure Skating

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Strength and Conditioning